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As always, thanks for coming back for another episode of The Photography Podcast.

Today, we are asking for you our listeners to help us get through the mountain of books and DVD's that we receive from publishers. If you are interested in being considered as one of our guest reviewers please drop us an email. We will be announcing our first 6 reviewers during the second week of March. If you are not in the first group do not fret, we will keep your name in the hat for round 2.

We really want to hear from you, your comments, ideas, and suggestions, so PLEASE drop us an email or call our listener feedback line at 1-207-200-3235, because we want your input to guide where this podcast goes..

If you are looking for memory (for your camera, not your head) we have some great deals on our "Special Deals" page.

We are also making it perfectly clear today (in an effort to be as transparent as possible) that because Adorama is a sponsor, we do generate revenue (trust me, we won't be retiring any time soon), 25% of every penny we get is split between Operation Smile and local southern Maine food pantries (here and here).

It also helps defray the cost of running our family of photography websites.

And on todays show we have the pleasure of talking to Tim and Chris Riley of Riley Photographic.

They took the time to talk with us about their photographic practice and also to extend a phenomenal offer to our listeners and readers in celebration of our 1,000th post on Weekly Photo Tips.

We have been teasing at something "big" happening all this month and though we are celebrating our 1,000th blog post this surprise is something for you our listeners and readers.

So the surprise? For the first 25 people who register at this link, they will get a free 60 day trial of RPG Keys, free shipping, free presets... it will cost you nothing to give this serious productivity tool a 2 month test drive, at no cost and no obligation to you.

First, what do RPG Keys work with? Windows and MAC, including Lightroom (3 & 4), Photoshop (CS3, CS4, CS5), Bridge (CS3, CS4, CS5), Aperture 3 (MAC), Photo Mechanic (MAC).

Second, how can you get your set? Follow this link and click the "TRY IT" button and you'll get to try the new USB version of the RPG mini for free for 60 days! ($10 shipping outside the USA). At checkout simply enter the coupon codes listed below and your keys will land at your door step in just a few days.

Coupon Code for US Residents: WEEKLYPHOTOTIPS-USA

Coupon Code for non US Residents: WEEKLYPHOTOTIPS-INT

Third, how can you learn more about the RPG Keys? You can read my original review here, or even better, head over to SLR Lounge and read their in-depth review and analysis of how the RPG Keys significantly changed their workflow forever. It cut their image editing workflow in more than half.

Here's a little math for you: Average time per photo edit - without RPG Keys: 18.65 seconds per photo / with RPG Keys: 7.6 seconds per photo.

Just remember, it's for the first 25 who register at this link.

A big thank you to Adorama for sponsoring this podcast.

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