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An interview with Shutter Sister Kristin Zecchinelli

Thanks so much for coming back to The Photography Podcast, today we have the pleasure of interviewing Shutter Sister Kristin Zecchinelli.

I asked Kristin if she would share a couple of her favorite images and why they made it to her "favs" list.

"This is an old shot of my kids jumping on the bed. I is not crisp, it is fluid, they are holding hands. Every time I look at this shot I am instantly transported back to that very moment and can hear their laughter and see how high they were jumping on the bed and remember how many great shots I took of them doing it. I LOVE that whole series. I love how they are such great friends. This photo just captures ALL of that for me..."

"And a recent fave is this close up of my daughter. It was right after her bath and she was sitting on my bed and I was combing her wet hair and putting cream on her dry skin and the light streaming in the window looked so pretty on her face... I got in close and captured her lashes and the contrast of light and dark on her face. I was savoring her smallness, I know all too well how fleeting it is."

Here is her BIO:

Kristin Zecchinelli is a photographer, blogger, artist, woman, and mother living on the southern coast of Maine with her small family. Kristin taps into the healing process of photography, focusing on the real, and the now. Everyday moments inspire her to pick up her camera. She is driven to connect personally with others through her art and words.

Her art has been on exhibit at the Fotofest Gallery in Houston Texas and appeared in the Beckoning of Lovely collection, the Shutter Sisters Picture Hope Project, and the Kirtsy Mom 2.0 video collaboration with well known novelist Katherine Center.

Kristin’s photography has won various awards and honors such as first place in the Portland Maine 22008 Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk. She is a contributing artist for Getty Images, the co-founder of  NOW Workshops, and is featured in the upcoming book, "Hand in Hand: Crafting with Kids". She is a contributing editor at Shutter Sisters and an Everyday Storyteller at Paper Coterie. You can find her personal blog at MaineMomma.

And I am fortunate enough to say Kristin Zecchinelli is my friend.

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