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The Photography Podcast brings you photo tips, tricks, product reviews, and interviews. Whether you bought your first camera yesterday or have been shooting for years, you'll find something here to inform, educate, and entertain you. We hope you enjoy the newest addition to our photography family.





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Episode 1 Show Notes

Hi everyone, welcome to the premier episode of The Photography Podcast, I am your host Scott Eccleston.

The Photography Podcast is a child of  photography blog Weekly Photo Tips and the sister video channel. The reason for creating this podcast is to fill a need... interviews don't need video, I mean really, how much fun watching people talk?

And some product reviews don't need video, like a book, but the details of reviewing a book can use more space than a blog can provide.

Thus The Photography Podcast was born.

You will find all of the links in the show notes at

An important part of this podcast is you the listeners and involves more than just listening, we want, no need to hear from you... You can reach us by email at, you can send us an mp3 file (using the same email address), or you can call our listener feedback line at 1-207-200-3235.

We want your questions, comments, and suggestions because it will be you that will help shape where this podcast goes.

We have given away some pretty cool photography related prizes (Books, Software, DVD's) at and we are going to incorporate those same contests here, so if you head over to the blog this month you can be part of the February giveaway extravaganza, where we will be giving away more photography books, software, and DVD's and all the details on how to get involved as at

Now on to the best part of this podcast, Vincent Versace, one of the most influential people in the development as a photographer.

Vincent is an outstanding photographer and equally as good as a photography instructor and I have never hear a person speak so well regarding the importance of monitor calibration so be sure to listen to thepodcast for his insightful information to let him speak about the subject.

Stop by you can see is stunning work, his tutorials, books, and DVD's... trust me, it's a stop well worth making. 

Thanks to PopPhoto for giving us permission to run that clip.

Lastly, we need to thanks Adorama for sponsoring this podcast.


Thank you for taking the time to stop by and to listen, your time is valuable and we truly appreciate that you spent some of it with us.

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